Dr. Archer

First off I want to say that nothing we do here at Archer Chiropractic Center would be possible without our patients, they mean a lot to us. 

Here is what some of our patients have to say about us: 


Lauren D.

I started seeing Dr. Archer in January 2012 after a small automobile accident. Within days, I was feeling relief. Dr. Archer recommended that I come in 3 times a week and I received various forms of treatment, all contributing to how quickly I recovered. I had a bulging L-5 disc and after just six weeks of visits I was able to return to normal activity. I would highly recommend Dr. Archer.

Daniel H.

I visited Dr. Archer with an agonizing pain to my left hip and upper thigh. Our discovery was a muscle imbalance; where Dr. Archer provided me with the right resistance muscle training to help rehabilitate the problem. Immediately he worked his magic with alignments and adjustments and solved my immediate pain. Without Dr. Archer’s extensive knowledge, care and suggested exercised I would still have pain. I am now pain free for about 6 months.

Alba Z.

Hace poco tiempo estuve incapacitada por un dolor en la espalda. Fue tan critic que crei que no podria desempeňar mis actividades normales. Afortunadamente visité la clinica del Dr. Charles Archer el cual despues de una evaluacion me dio un tratamiento que fue tan eficiente que me regreso a mi rutina normal. Gracias Doctor por su profesionausmo y eficiencia de su personal.

( Recently I was incapacitated by a sore back. It was so critical that I was unable to carry out my normal activities. Fortunately I visited the clinic of Dr. Charles Archer who after an evaluation gave me a treatment that was so efficient that I returned to my normal routine. Thanks Doctor for your professionalism and efficiency of your staff.)

Donovan T.

For the past 25 years I have suffered from a nagging back pain that steadily worsened. I would take Aleve on a daily basis to just make through the workday. A friend referred me to Dr. Archer. At first I was hesitant about seeing a chiropractor, but now the only regret I have is that I waited so long and suffered needlessly. With a weekly adjustment and a regimen of stretching exercises, Dr. Archer has gotten me “back in the game”.

Donna S.

Dr. Archer is amazing!! I have seen hand specialists and did physical therapy with no results…..but with Dr. Archer’s help my hands and wrists look and feel so much better. My 9 yr. old son gets regular adjustments too and is much more balanced. My husband also goes to get regular adjustments. I recommend Dr. Archer to everyone who wants to feel better!

Tim P.

I injured my back recently; and knew that I needed chiropractic care. I was concerned because I had 2 semi-athletic events already lined up; and I was afraid I’d need to miss one or both of them. Dr. Archer had me feeling much better in a week; and ready to compete in three. I’ve had chiropractic care in the past for a similar injury; and I recovered much quicker this time! I credit Dr. Archer with this feat, and my most heartfelt thanks. He got me back on my feet working, running and cycling. I couldn’t say enough great things about the experience.

John E.

Great service, convenient location, and friendly and helpful staff. Dr. Archer takes the time to listen to you and provide a thorough recommendation of treatment. After the treatment plan was discussed, it was easy to come in anytime I wanted and I’m feeling much better now.

Dado N.

I had a lower back pain and I started visiting Dr. Archer, he delivered a very professional treatment involving adjustments. If you are suffering with a serious back issues, don’t delay make an appointment to see Dr. Archer he is so caring and attentive. Thank you so much Dr.Archer for healing my back.

Heather V.

I guess I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to doctors. That’s why I see Dr. Archer. He treats me like a real person and not just another spine in need of fixing. Dr. Archer explains why my body is responding the way it is and how his care adjusts that response. This type of thorough and personalized care is exactly what’s missing from so many other doctor’s offices. I feel like part of a family when I walk through the door. That feeling coupled with how great I feel for weeks after I leave his office keeps me going back to Dr. Archer.

Stacy B.

Chiropractic has saved me from surgery. Dr archer is able to adjust my jaw taking away the pain from TMJ.

Rae Ann D.

My entire family would like to express their thanks for all that you have done for us. Not only have you treated me and two of my children, you have also treated my mother. My daughter came to you when she had a car accident and injured he back. Her recovery and confidence in you was so great that I decided to make a visit myself. I injured my ankle in a freak accident at my house, I also had some problems with one of my shoulders. In true fashion I walked out of your office feeling much better than when I walked in. My mother, who is 89 years old, had terrific case of osteoarthritis and her hand was very swollen. You were able to give her some relief and the swelling has disappeared. My son injured his back and is now in treatment with you. I believe he is feeling much better. It is very refreshing to have a young man be as knowledgeable and engaging as you are. Also I would be remiss if I did not mention your mother, Karen. She is always cheery and ready to assist you with whatever you need. A visit to your office is like a visit to see friends.

Brian W.

I went to Dr. Chuck a few months ago because my lower back was in a knot and very painful. Chuck was not only easy to talk to but also listened to what my concerns were. He made his adjustments on my back and gave me some exercises that I should do. My back felt better after the adjustment and within a short period of time the pain went away. If anyone has any chiropractic issues, I highly recommend Dr. Chuck.

Michael B.

I highly recommend Archer Chiropractic Center. When I went to ACC I could barely get out of my truck to walk to the front door. My torso was leaning so far too the left that it made me look deformed. The pain in my back was so unbearable that I would scream out for help at times. Dr. Archer’s chiropractic machines and his expertise in this field made me feel like like a 12 year old boy again ready to run a marathon. I feel as good as new and with very fast results. I have no pain and I am able to get back into the gym again and do daily activities and hobbies i enjoy doing. If you need a chiropractor in the New Orleans metro area, Dr. Charles Archer is the way to go.

Paula A.

As a longtime beneficiary of proactive chiropractic adjustments, I can tell you from experience that Dr. Chuck Archer is an excellent practitioner. Chuck has aligned my spine, to free up good energy. He has also helped me to heal a pulled back muscle. What sets Chuck apart from other chiropractors? His combination of personal warmth and professional expertise. Along with efficient interventions, he feeds encouragement and enthusiasm, while teaching you about such healthy options as herbal supplements and appropriate exercise(s). Let’s just say that I don’t just trust my spine to anyone. Chuck is the man!

Corey A.

Dr. Charles Archer of Archer Chiropractic Center is a wonderful and caring Chiropractor. He has helped me numerous times with spinal injuries from major lower back pain and neck pain to mild headaches. Dr. Archer and his team are very professional and accommodating to all of my needs. I would definitely recommend Dr. Archer to my friends and family.

David A.

Dr. Charles Archer of Archer Chiropractic Center has cured me of numerous ailments through his care and precision. Leg pain, shoulder pain and my sinuses have all gradually subsided with regular visits to the Archer Chiropractic Center. Dr Archer’s team of professionals are friendly and courteous. Dr. Archer gets an A+ in my book.

Caroline B.

I started seeing Dr. Archer in September 2012 after I began experiencing bilateral lower leg pain. After a thorough assessment, Dr. Archer delivered IASTM-Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation and included adjustments as well. After only two visits, I am pain free and back to running four times a week. I highly recommend Dr. Archer, he is very caring and attentive!

Lucas B.

After being in extreme pain for a couple of weeks, cause by a heel injury playing soccer, I decided to pay Chuck Archer Dc a visit. I was greeted by his secretary/ assistance and later I found out, she was his mother, which makes a perfect team. Dr. Archer was very diligent and very knowledgeable regarding the type of injured that I have, it helps that he also has been practicing a lot of sports.
I am pretty satisfied with the outcome of my visit and I have to say that at his clinic you feel at easy in a very relax and familiar atmosphere. I highly recommend to anyone that has been suffering from extreme pain to pay Archer Chiropractic Center a visit.

Vanessa A.

I have been seeing Dr. Archer for a little over a month. I started seeing him because I had major lower back and legs pain. After the first session I could feel the difference in my legs and back. He is very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to assure that he has given me the best care. Dr. Archer recommended orthotics which are helping with my leg and lower back pain. I see him once a week and look forward to every visit.

Terri N.

Dr. Archer is the best. I’ve been to several chirpractors before, some were good and some were not so good, but I can honestly say that Dr. Archer is one of the best. He is attentive, knowledgeable, and he listens. I went to see him because I was in an vehicle accident and was not feeling great but because of his attentiveness to detail (and he listens, can’t stress that enough) I’m beginning to feel better. It’s going to take awhile to get back to 100% but I believe between the two of us working together I’m definitely on the road to recovery. I definitely recommend Dr. Archer to anyone who needs the benefits of a chriopractor

Laura B.

By the time I came to see Dr. Archer, I had already been to many different chiropractor only to still be in pain. But after only a few visits with Dr. Archer, I began to feel much better. I can honestly say that Dr. Archer is, hands down, the best Chiropractor in New Orleans and surrounding areas. My pain is gone and I have resumed doing the activities I love. Dr. Archer’s technique is rivaled only by his care and concern for your health and well-being. He is a great asset to this community and an exceptional doctor. I would (and do) recommend him to anyone suffering from neck or back pain.